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19 October, 2021

Category Improvements

We originally shipped just Feature categories, over the past month we have added audience categories and some smarts around how feature and audience categories relate to each other. A bit more on that later.
When we set out to create FeatureBoard we wanted to make it easier for everyone to approach feature toggling, part of our plan was implementing a more opinionated category system rather than a simple tagging/filtering approach which many products take.
In the latest version of FeatureBoard you will notice navigation is now by Feature or Audience category, we have also introduced relationships between feature and audience categories so when editing a 'Permission' category feature you will likely want to be targeting 'Role' audiences. If you want to see the unrelated audiences then you can simply expand to see the rest.
We have heaps of plans to continue improving the UX of feature toggling by leveraging categories. Many of these improvements have come from dogfooding FeatureBoard to manage our own roles/permissions and plans/plan limits.

UI Improvements

We have simplified the new feature dialog by making it contextual to the currently selected feature category.
Data type selection has been improved as well to be more visual rather than just a dropdown.
In the previous section on the Category improvements you saw the new edit Feature drawer which has been introduced over a separate edit feature page. We are also playing around with some different naming with 'Audience Targeting' instead of 'Audience Exceptions'. Feedback on this change would be great, either on twitter https://twitter.com/JakeGinnivan or email [email protected]
The new Feature listing page
We have implemented our initial plan limitations using FeatureBoard as well over the past month while overhauling the feature listing page, with inline environment toggling
The audience list has also had a facelift
There have also been a bunch of other fixes and improvements. Looking forward to getting feedback on all the changes!

19 September, 2021

Launched marketing site 🎉
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