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Getting Started

Congratulations on choosing FeatureBoard! You are about to set the foundation for a more data driven approach to your product development.

We think feature management is an essential part of your product architecture and your modern CI/CD pipeline.

Additionally, FeatureBoard puts the power of feature management in the hands of your product managers and marketers, allowing them to make changes to your product without needing to involve your development team.

Designing your FeatureBoard implementation

The key to a successful FeatureBoard implementation is setting up your FeatureBoard account as an accurate representation of your business model.

It is important to understand the following terminology when designing your FeatureBoard implementation.

OrganizationRepresents your company or organization account
AudiencesMeaningful groups of users e.g. admin users, premium plan, registered users, subscribers etc. Typically, Audiences are important to your business as a whole.
Audience CategoriesA way to group your Audiences e.g. User Role, Subscription Level, Geolocation etc.
FeaturesParts of your application/website which needs to dynamically change based on Audiences
Feature CategoriesA way to group your Features e.g. Release Flag, Permissions, Subscription Limits etc.
ProductsRepresents your product, website or application
EnvironmentsA deployment of your website/application e.g. Development, Production, UAT etc.

Features and Audiences categories are configured at the Organization level and are available to all Products and Environments.

Environments are configured at the Product level.

Typically, you will set up one Product per product, website or application.