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Identifying Audiences

FeatureBoard is built around the concept of audiences. An audience is a group of users that share a common set of attributes. For example, you might have a group of users that are all on the same pricing plan, or a group of users that are all in the same region.

The first step in using FeatureBoard is to identify the Audience Categories your audiences are. Here are some ideas

  • Plan - The plan the user is on, e.g. Free, Basic, Premium
  • Region - The region the user is in, e.g. US, EU, Asia
  • Role - The role the user has, e.g. Admin, User, Support
  • Release Group - The release group the user is in, e.g. Internal, Beta, Public

But audience categories can represent anything you want. For example you could have:

  • User Type - Internal, Customer, Partner, Child, Birthday Today
  • Preferences - No explicit preferences, Digest Frequency: Daily, Digest Frequency: Weekly, Digest Frequency: Monthly

It could even be contextual around where the user is in your application, for example:

  • Song tags - In a Spotify client, it could be tags from the currently playing song Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical, Starwars

Audiences take a bit of getting used to but they are a powerful concept which is accessible to both technical and non-technical users.